TP-LINK WPA4220 Kit WiFi Powerline Adapter Kit – AV600 Twin Pack


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Key Features
Top features:

– Extended WiFi range with one touch of a button

– Straightforward set-up with plug and play functionality

Extended WiFi range

Extend your home internet connection to any room in the house with the TP-Link AV600 Wireless Powerline Adapter Kit. By using your existing electrical circuitry, the AV600 Powerline Kit easily extends your network, so that you can enjoy instantly improved service to both your wireless and Ethernet connected devices.

Perfect for lag-free online streaming as well as gaming online, the AV600 Powerline Kit is perfect for providing a more reliable connection to games consoles or TVs that require an Ethernet cable, as well as wireless devices like your laptop or phone.

Straightforward set-up

Simply press the WiFi Clone button and plug the AV600 Powerline Kit into a standard socket, for easy extension of your network for up to 300 metres throughout your home.

To secure or manage multiple powerline adapters, all you need to do is use the pair buttons to add additional adapters. The device also offers a Mains Filter for better Powerline communication performance.

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