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BullGuard Internet Security is simply the best online protection you can get.
Whatever devices you use.
Because you use a variety of devices to work, play, shop and socialise online, our award-winning Internet Security now gives you the protection you need on your Macs and PCs as well as your mobile Android devices.
BullGuard Internet Security was voted Best Buy and Best in Test in the UK and across Europe in 2016 and we’re continuing to make it even better. Our latest version has lots of enhanced features including Cloud-integrated backup that lets you backup and encrypt all your personal files and pictures directly to Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive.
You can rely on BullGuard Internet Security for its ease of use and its robust, multi-layered protection. It keeps you and your family safe from online threats like hackers, viruses, credit card fraud, spam and spyware, and keeps a discreet eye on your children’s social media activity to help keep them safe online too.

BullGuard is all about making you and your family safe online, so you can surf, shop, bank and game with ease and confidence.

Everything you need to stay secure online.

Security from online threats
– Award-winning layered protection from hackers, viruses and spyware.
– Firewall to protect against intruders and network attacks.
– Spamfilter and safe browsing flags.
– Low impact on system resources.

Keeps children safe online
– Comprehensive award-winning Parental Controls protects children from cyber bullying and predators.

New interface is even easier to use
– Simple to set up, monitor and tailor online protection.

Stay secure across all platforms with our Multi Device License
– Single License protects PCs, Macs and Android phones and tablets.
– Use any device in the office, at home or on the move, with full confidence.

Online Backup
– Cloud-integrated Backup allows backup and encryption of files to Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive.

Protection that goes mobile with you
– Remote Lock and wipe, Locate with GPS and Scream alarm protects mobile devices from theft and loss.
– Call manager function blocks unwanted texts and calls.

Protect 3 devices with one great value license
– Top Rated protection for all the family andmulti devices users.
– Great value.
– Refreshingly easy to use.

Game Booster
Game Booster optimises CPU performance while blocking pop ups and other annoying interruptions. You’ll enjoy noticeably smoother gaming without any lag.

Next Gen Anti-Malware
Our next gen anti-malware gives intelligent triple layer protection:
-It recognises trusted sites and applications
-It continually scans code for signatures and anomalies associated with malware
-Any malware it detects is locked down in quarantine and then neutralised

Vulnerability Scanner
Blocks the access points that hackers like to exploit. Alerts users to missing security updates or insecure Wi-Fi networks and prevents apps that may contain malware from downloading automatically.


We keep you safe and we keep it simple!
Whenever you and your family connect to the Internet, there are risks involved, simply because it’s all happening online – the good as well as the bad.

You need to protect yourself, your family and the computers you use. But you don’t want to be slowed down when you’re working, surfing, or playing games online.

BullGuard is the only Internet Security vendor focusing exclusively on the home user and small office. BullGuard Internet Security has all the protection you’re ever going to need but it’s incredibly user-friendly and non-intrusive. That’s why millions of people like you trust BullGuard to simply keep them safe online.

BullGuard is the perfect solution for the way we live today.
BullGuard Internet Security lets you email, shop and bank with confidence, and with cloudintegrated backup your photos, music and documents are completely safe, whatever happens to your devices.

Whether you’re gaming or banking, BullGuard’s simple-to-use protection doesn’t get in your way – total protection without loss of performance.

New award-winning Antivirus technology makes our malware detection way above industry average, placing BullGuard among the top security software vendors in the world. A fact demonstrated over and over again by extensive, independent testing and best buy awardAntivirus. Catches all viruses.

Our latest version of Antivirus includes Behavioural Detection, which spots new viruses by how they act on your computer. Together with Signature-based Detection, which deals with known malware, they make up a multi-layered defence system for your PC that?s virtually impenetrable.




Firewall. Fends off cybercrime.

Protect your computer from unwanted hackers and identity thieves. The Firewall protects you against network attacks and prevents cyber crooks from entering your system.




Spamfilter. No spam, no scam.

Don?t lose time sorting out annoying spam messages! Let BullGuard Spamfilter keep out junk mail and e-mail scams, like phishing attempts, virus spreading and foreign language spam.




Safe Browsing. All websites. Checked!

Explore the web with ease and confidence. BullGuard?s special feature checks all the sites that come up in your search results. It tells you what they are about, which are safe, and cautions you about the ones harbouring malicious code or phishing attempts.




Parental Control. You define where the lines are drawn.

You can make sure your kids enjoy the web in full safety. With BullGuard?s Parental Control you can block their access to suspicious websites, limit their time on the internet and monitor their activity. This way you can prevent them from being cyberbullied and exposed to inappropriate content.




PC Tune Up. Your PC. Fast and clean.

BullGuard?s PC Tune Up removes unnecessary files to improve your computer?s performance. It frees up memory so your computer runs at top speed.




Game Mode. No interruptions.

Turn on Game Mode to play without alerts, updates and pop-up messages. Now you can just focus on winning.

Vulnerability Scanner. Keeps your PC in good health.

The Vulnerability Scanner checks your computer for out-dated software that hackers and viruses can exploit to gain access to your system, damage it or steal your identity.




Backup. Precious data. Safe and sound.

We?ve included 5GB of FREE online storage so you can keep your important data, photos, music and more safe. You can choose what you want to back up and how often, or just set the feature to auto backup. You can even back up content directly from folders with one click. And here?s more: your backed-up data is easily accessible whenever you want to view it or restore it to another computer or even your phone.

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